ABOUT US
        ABOUT US
        • 6+
        • The company Founded 6 years

        • 4050+
        • Registered capital 40.5 million

        • 2 million++
        • Total investment of 200 million rmb

        • 350+
        • The company has more than
          350 employees.

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        • S
        • Sliming
        • TFT glass and plays a role of chemical reaction of HF remove extra thickness of glass, so as to achieve the effect of thinning。
        • C
        • Coating
        • In optical sights, there are many lens and the refraction lens, the whole combined can let the incoming light loss of 30% to 40%. Modern optical lenses are usually has a single layer or multi-layer plating coating of magnesium fluoride。
        • C
        • Cutting
        • Cutting is a kind of physical movement. Cutting in narrow sense refers to weapon such as sword would object (such as food, timber and other low hardness objects) cut。
        09-12 2019 Safety in production, prevention in advance, life first, Hon In order to further strengthen the awareness of fire safety of all employees of the company, improve their fire fighting and disaster relief skills, and prevent
        07-30 2019 Jingmen Municipal Government Financial Office, Changjiang Se On December 1st, the Jingmen Municipal Government Financial Office and the leaders of Changjiang Securities, Nonggu Investment, Lanyuan Capital and other fund c
        07-30 2019 Yang Song, Chairman of the Hubei Provincial Political Consul On November 27, 2014, Yang Song, chairman of the Hubei Provincial Political Consultative Conference, went to Hubei Hongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. for a field t
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